"Vision Quest"

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Gerald Clarke Jr.
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In 2005, I became interested in reality television and wanted to use the form for a series of video performance works. I created three works using this format: Antiques Roadshow, Kribs, Vision Quest.

About "Vision Quest"?

In creating "Vision Quest", I was inspired by news talk shows and the Charlie Rose show on PBS in particular. I wanted to incorprate this show's simple, sit down conversational format to investigate the ways in which media "cherry picks" indigenous knowledge to validate its' own beliefs about Native peoples.

"There was no rehearsal or much planning beforehand."

In creating the video, I had no idea what questions the interviewer would be asking. There was no rehearsal or much planning beforehand. I simply stated my intentions for the work and we improvised the entire interview. The flute music was performed by Dr. Ernest Siva (Cahuilla/Serrano). Two big shout outs to artist David Reid-Marr (http://www.reid-marr.com/) and film maker Sean Owen (http://seanwilderowen.com/). Without them, this work would not have been possible.

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