Native Cahuilla identity 
meets U.S. culture and politics 
in Gerald Clarke’s artwork

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Gerald Clarke Jr.
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Gerald Clarke is featured in an article entitled, THE ROOT CAUSE, by Carol Cheh

The following are excerpts from the article.

“The Root Cause”

Gerald Clarke juxtaposes historical and cultural objects, such as baskets, with a contemporary theme: the impact of suburban housing developments on Native communities. Taken from his “One Tract Mind” series, this work shows a series of housetops organized into a formal pattern of jagged lines and shapes akin to the designs on a row 
of Indian baskets.

Artist Gerald Clarke creates art that questions popular or ingrained views and offers alternative perspectives on contemporary issues.

Rather than working in a traditional studio, Clarke has made much of his art while sitting in his backyard, where neighbors and friends enjoy peeking at his latest projects. He likes keeping his art transparent and demystified.


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