"Democracy For Sale"

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Gerald Clarke Jr.
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Made in response to the Presidential Election of 2016, I wanted to explore the increasing divisionism that characterizes American politics today.

What going on here?

I found these gumball machines for sale on Craigslist and thought they'd be perfect to represent the Democratic and Republican parties. Painting them each with their associated colors, I filled each with 1" plastic capsules. Inside each capsule is a 1" peice of the American Flag. The Democratic machine contains the blue portions of the flag, while the Republican machine contains the red portions of the flag. Both machines include equal amounts of the white portions of the flag.

"I believe that democracy has so far disappeared in the United States that no “two evils” exist. There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say.
          W. E. B. Du Bois, "Why I Won’t Vote," The Nation, October 20, 1956

This work is interactive and the gumball machines actually work. Viewers are welcome to insert their 25 cents and buy a part of the American Flag. As the capsules are purchased, the gumball machines (political parties) are emptied. Through this system, the flag (our country) will never be unified. I also acknowledge the capitolist aspect of the work.

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